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week. good evening, i'm jim vance. >> and i'm wendy rieger, sitting in for doreen gentzler. more than 70,000 people have received enough food to last one week. looting is now spreading in downtown port-au-prince. hundreds of people have been climbing broken walls. the u.s. military says it has increased the number of flights to about 100. jay gray is live with more on the situation there. >> food, water and medical supplies continue to pour into haiti this evening. but with a grew growing frustration level, it's clear there's not near enough help here. >> relief is beginning to arrive for those who so desperately need nit haiti. former president clinton spoke
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briefly about the daunting task ahead. >> well, the devastation is unprecedented. the systems are all broken, and there's a staggering number of people sleep on the street without enough food to eat, water to drink. >> it's been almost a week since the quake, and hundreds of thousands are still desperate for food and water. desperation that has turned to violence. near the airport, united nations troops had to fire rubber bullets and tear gas to subdue an angry crowd. another critical crowd is medical aid for the injured. in many cases, those who are here are forced to work in the street. >> we are trying to cure everybody as soon as we can, and as well as we can. and with what we have. >> rescue teams are also giving all that they have and miraculously still finding survivors underneath the rubble.
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a glimmer of hope for hundreds of thousands who desperately need anything to cling to right now. >> and with the tensions rising here, a curfew is now in place. it began at sundown this evening. the u.n. is requesting that at least 1,500 more police officers and 2,000 soldiers join security forces already on the ground here. in port-au-prince haiti, i'm jay gray, now back to you. the fairfax county search and rescue team have two units in haiti. they've been working around the clock in their effort to save lives there. they have, in fact, pulled 15 people out of the rubble since they arrived. today, we spoke with battalion chief bob zolos on the phone. he talked about the team's mission there. >> there's still, you know, opportunity out there. and all the teams are out there. and it's not just our team. all out there making sure if
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anyone is there and viable, we're going to get them. there's nothing better than to do all that work and to put yourself in that environment. we'll have a rescue squad and it's an amazing amount of work to do. it's spectacular when we actually get to make a rescue. >> zolo said the team's longest rescue effort lasted more than 26 hours. >> the haiti relief effort is shifting. last nielt night, the haitian embassy collected clothes food and other goods, so the need for supplies diminishing, while the need for other contributions is growing. more on what they need now. right now, a candle light vigil inside the embassy is wrabing up. embassy officials began to gently turn away folks who came
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and wanted to drop off more bags and boxes of donations. that response yesterday was so overwhelming what really need right now are cash distributions. meanti meantime, an army of volunteers showed up today to deal with a mountain of donations. >> this warehouse was transformed into a haiti relief center. the call for help that first produced mountain of donations today drew as many as 700 volunteer, eager to do their small part to bring comfort to earthquake-ravaged haitians. tony brought his fame in from dunkirk. >> there's so much to do. i figure you knock it down one step at a time, eventually something good may come out of this. >> what started out as chaos in the morning turned into order later in the afternoon. diaper here's, sheets here and clothes were sorted and stacked to the ceiling.
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volunteers marvelled at the team work. >> i love it. tragedy brings us together. that's a great thing. >> for many, it was a family apair. >> martin luther king holiday, civil rights, human rights, it makes us think, you know, we want to give more of ourselves. >> he and organizers also emphasized, the haiti relief mission only wants cash. >> we switched from taking goods donations. we're receiving checks instead. we need to be able to move these items into the effected areas and help the individual that suffered the disaster. >> the next challenge is getting
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the donations sent to haiti. the first shipment will go out later this week, but organizers hope private businesses will now step up to help. >> we've reached out to organizations that specialize. companies like ups, we need your help. >> and the work of resorting and boxing at the warehouse is not finished. it will continue tomorrow. one d.c. official asked that volunteers not show up. they need to go on a d.c. government website at volunteers contributing to the effort, click on the key word volunteer. reporting from northwest washington, back to you. >> we'll have our report, the hospital ship is on its way from baltimore to haiti as we speak. >> there was another earthquake
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today. this one was in guatemala. it hit this morning. the preliminary magnitude was 5.8. the quake hit about 60 miles southwest of adequate mall la city. no reports of any major damage. officers say they had to use a taser because the suspect wuss being combative and assaulted them. and investigation into this is now under way. more on how this unfolded yesterday. pat? wendy, a 36-year-old shoplifting suspect dies after a confrontation with an arlington cop. how did this happen? was it the struggle? the cop's taser gun?
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or something else? it happened down under in the pentagon city metro station. a suspect in a drugstore shoplifting case dice after a confrontation with police. they say the arlington police officer spotted the shoplifting suspect. he called for him to stop, but the suspect didn't. the officer called for backup. then they say there was a confrontation between the suspect and the officer and a struggle. and during the struggle, they say the officer pulled out the taser gun and fir fired. but they say the suspect continued to struggle with the officer. >> immediately after the officer deployed the taz e, he noticed that it did not have the anticipated effect on the suspect. meaning that the suspect did not stop struggling, did not comply with their commands. after the subjectas handcuffed
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and medics were called, the suspect did appear to be in some medical distress. police identified the suspect as william burie iii, he was taken to the hospital shortly after the incident where he was pronounced dead. according to the taser company website, the device shoots small probes that transmit electric pulses designed to temporarily affect sensory and motor functions. he once lived in south carolina where he did time for a sex crime. friends say he's lived in washington about 18 months. now, the officer involved in this case is on routine paid leave pending an investigation, and review of what happened here. an autopsy could answer a lot of
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questions. wendy, back to you. o. >> authorities in charles county, maryland, said a high school students had a list of people he wanted to harm. the boy is 15 years old and goes to thomas stone high school. his list included three classmates and a teacher. somebody discovered the list and reported it to the charles county sheriff's office on friday. the teenager was taken into custody. he is now in the care of a doctor. authorities believe that he acted alone. still ahead in our broadcast, bombs went off, gunfire erupted as the taliban launched a dord nate aid tack on the capital of afghanistan today. some men from the d.c. area arrested in pakistan claimed they're being tortured. >> we'll tell you about tomorrow's special election in massachusetts. it could have a major impact on health care reform. >> nasa began a mission to find the phoenix lander on mars. >> beautiful out there, veron a veroka. . >> the mild day, too.
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tomorrow, wendy, i'll tell you about changes. >> the jets flying high after upsetting the chargers. plus, believe it or not, the wizards playing is only confidence. highlights when news 4 at 6:00 co
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in afghanistan today, the taliban launched a brazen assault on the capital city of kabul. bombs went off and gun battles raged near that country's presidential palace .. officials say at least five people were killed and 40 wounded in the attack. after hours of ensuing gun fights, the president said security was restoered. nevertheless, many people see today's attack as a sign that the taliban start a plan to escalate its fight in afghanistan. jim miklaszewski is in kabul and has our report. >> this was the most sophisticated and complex taliban attack this city has ever seen. staged by 20 militants, their message is clear, the taliban isn't going away anytime soon. the heart of the pal looked and sounded like a battle zone. suicide car bombers and gunmen wearing suicide vests led the
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attack against multiple targets near the presidential palace. for 2 1/2 hours, a fierce fooig fire fight raged on between afghan security forces and taliban fires, firing from the upper oors of a nearby market building which had erupted into plam flaims. one militant loaded with explosives set off a huge blast that rattled one dois mo s wi more than a mile away. it came just as president karzai was swearing many members of his new cabinet. hours after the main attack, there's still reports of sporadic gun fire. and much of the central city remains under total lockdown. despite the relative calm now, officials fear there may be more suicide bombers still on the loose in kabul tonight. >> october 28, gunmen stormed a
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guest house used by u.n. staff. 11 people were killed in that attack. >> five local students accused of plotting terrorist attacks say they have been mistreated while they were in custody in pakistan. . pakistani police say e-mails from the group show they had contacted the taliban and they were planning terror attacks. the men had a court hearing today and while a van was taking them away from the hearing, they shouted that they were being tortured. police deny the men are being mistreated. >> there's a special election in massachusetts tomorrow to fill the u.s. senate seat held by the late senator edward kennedy. even though massachusetts is considered a staunchly democratic state, that race is tight. poles show the democratic candidate is in a dead heat now. michelle franzen has our report. the race to term pennantly
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hold the u.s. senate seat has turned into an 11th hour fight for democratic candidate martha cokley andepublican scott brown. in just a few weeks, cokley has lost the double-digit lead she held over brown. the race, now a statistical dead heat in a die hard blue state. >> democrats ought to be able to have a lousy candidate running a lousy campaign and still not worry about massachusetts. >> but democrats are worried. all the way to the white house. '. >> president barack obama. >> sunday, president obama rallied for cokely in boston, along with kennedy's widow in

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